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Rooms and islands in LBA1 are made of three files:

  • lba_brk.hqr - The name means LBA Bricks. The file contains bricks (each entry is one brick), which are just images (sprites) in special format.
  • lba_bll.hqr - The name means LBA BLock Libraries, sometimes incorrectly called Layout Libraries. The file contains libraries (each entry is one library). Libraries contain blocks (layouts) which are just bricks grouped to make objects such as tables, chairs, wall fragments, etc.
  • lba_gri.hqr - The name means LBA Grids. The file contains grids (each entry is one grid). Grids are rooms, that are made of references to block libraries.

Lba_bll and lba_gri have the same number of entries, and each entry in the lba_bll corresponds to the entry of lba_gri at the same index. In this way each Grid has one Library of blocks associated with it.

Then, there is the scene.hqr file, which entries also correspond to the lba_gri file - each scene to one grid of the same index. Scene.hqr contains less entries than lba_gri, because lba_gri has additional Fragment entries at the end, which do not need separate scenes (Fragments are used only in other scenes).